Permanent Male Enlargement in California

* Financing options are available.

Non-Surgical Girth Enlargement


Permanent filler injection for penile shaft. Get a 2nd injection for $6,500.

Surgical Girth Enlargement


Insertion of sheath (Alloderm or Surgimend). Our most popular procedure

Penis Lengthening Procedure


For penile shaft lengthening and if done with girth enlargement $8,500.


Expert Male Enhancement Duo with a Combined 50+ Years of Surgical Experience

Dr. Liu and Dr. Lander carefully evaluate each case with a personalized and thorough approach, rejecting the notion of a generic solution. They sincerely commit to every patient and dedicate the time to devise a tailored system that suits your specific needs. By employing a systematic methodology and fostering a warm and supportive atmosphere, they ensure patients feel comfortable and well-supported throughout their journey.

Dr. Lander, a board-certified urologist, together with Dr. Liu, who is doubly certified in both Plastic Surgery and General Surgery, work in tandem to present a thorough male enhancement program. This collaboration ensures that you are presented with the highest quality options available. In stark contrast to numerous other providers, whose offerings are confined to their specific capabilities, primarily involving temporary filler injections, Drs. Lander and Liu utilize their joint specializations to adopt a more holistic strategy that includes a range of non-surgical and surgical solutions to give not only the increase in size but also the right proportion and natural appearance.