Combined 50+ Years of Experience in Male Enhancement

Dr. Victor Liu

Dr. Victor Liu is an esteemed plastic surgeon, having received his training in the United States. He holds the prestigious designation of Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, signifying his exceptional qualifications. As a testament to his expertise, he is board certified in both general and plastic surgery and maintains active membership in the esteemed American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Since 1984, Dr. Liu has dedicated his entire professional career to the practice of plastic surgery, establishing a renowned reputation nationally and in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Dr. Liu’s patient base extends across the United States, encompassing regions such as Asia (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia) as well as Europe. His expertise has garnered widespread recognition, leading to his frequent appearances on television talk shows where he expounds upon topics related to plastic surgery. Moreover, Dr. Liu has been the subject of numerous publication articles, further solidifying his prominence in the field.

As the co-founder of Beverly Hills Male Enhancement and founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Regenerative Cell Treatment, Dr. Liu has established prominent centers that attract patients from around the globe. These facilities serve as beacons of medical excellence, offering innovative approaches to enhance male well-being and regenerative therapies. Furthermore, Dr. Liu’s profound knowledge and surgical prowess extend beyond his own practice, as he actively imparts his expertise to fellow doctors by teaching novel surgical techniques, thereby contributing to the advancement of the field as a whole.

Dr. Elliot Lander

A world leader in male enhancement, stem cell rehab, and urology, Dr. Elliot Lander is a proficient surgeon certified by the board and holds the title of Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. His medical training commenced at the highly-regarded University of California, Irvine, where he pursued a comprehensive education in medicine.

Dr. Lander’s postgraduate studies focused on General Surgery and Urology, which subsequently led to his appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Urology. He imparted his extensive knowledge to aspiring residents during his tenure and spearheaded research endeavors. Transitioning to private practice, Dr. Lander has solidified his standing as a national authority in regenerative medicine, boasting an impressive collection of industry-related publications. With over three decades of experience, he has executed penile reconstructive surgical procedures with exceptional skill and precision.

For a span of two decades, Dr. Lander has held a prominent position on the staff of Eisenhower Medical Center. His expertise and proficiency in the field of urology have earned him the distinguished role of an Expert Reviewer in Urology for the esteemed California Medical Board. In addition to these pursuits, Dr. Lander exhibits a keen interest in focal treatment approaches for prostate cancer and regenerative urology, with a specific focus on Peyronie’s Disease and erectile dysfunction. Now as co-founder of Beverly Hills Male Enhancement, his multifaceted contributions in these areas significantly enrich the field of urology and male enhancement that pave the way for novel advancements in patient care.

The California Enlargement Specialists

The patients that visit our clinic come from all over the world, attesting to the reputable results we offer. Dr. Liu and Dr. Lander, distinguished figures in the field, have graced numerous television talk shows, engaging in insightful conversations surrounding plastic surgery and male enhancement. Their profound expertise has also garnered attention from esteemed publications worldwide. The doctors adhere to a meticulous and individualized assessment process, dismissing the notion of a standardized approach. Emphasizing personalized care, they strive to tailor solutions to the unique requirements of each patient, ensuring optimal outcomes.